Shaved or Unshaved

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Would you prefer a shaved tush, or an unshaved one?

Me, I prefer my ladies shaved ... though sometimes with a little bit of hair lurking around.
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  • hard to say, i enjoy both, but i will say that i am very much turned on by the naturalness of pubichair and how it offers a sweet mystery and surprize to the Labia... I guess im not 100% turned on by a totally shaved pussy...
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      Shaved if you are a labia lover, then again women have to put up with my balls (I shave them now as I am really into tea-bagging). Even if a gal shaves or waxed, I love women who have a trail of fine but very visable hair from the belly button down to the pubes---the trail can be met with a bush or shaved baldness.
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    shaved prefered here
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      Didn't mean to give a short singular sounding opinion,,,,natural can be nice too,,,,just the asthetics of shaved are nice, seeing more of the smooth lines and petals emerging if you will. Shaving is nice with oral and other touch as long as its done regularly. I do prefer hair to shaved a week ago,,,,for myself and my partner.
  • I dont shave at all- dont like the look in my modeling (plucked chicken is how one photographer described it) and I dont like the itching. Or the maintnance. I trim two or three times a year. My boyfriend seems to prefer it that way; stays softer.
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    Well this girl is growing it back....trimmed of course, but its just to much work to go completely hairless and the plucked chicken dots are just plain ugly. Waxing is too expensive and time consuming....I got better things to do...ha. It is fun for a lovers treat now and then.
    Another thing is a bit of pubic hair on the mound makes a big difference sensitivity wise...I wont give that up.
    • To Bush or not to Bush- personally I prefer a cool breeze and a smooth surface. Just more comfy for moi, but I think both can be beautiful and intriguing. I don't tend to get the plucked chicken look and when it grows out I trim it and wear it that way for a while then love the fresh waxed breeziness. I find the pain minimal and enjoy the afterglow. If you have the bucks and like the all the time smooth finish lazer removes the bush permanently. I do however hear that pain can be pretty intense.
      • I had a girlfriend that got the Laser treatment down there (4 visits) and it was great after all was said and done. After each treatment there is some down time....lets say about four days.
        • I've heard that laser treatments aren't all that effective and that they can ever manage to zap all of the hair folicles. I've also been told that after awhile, some of the haid begins to grow back.
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    For a long time I was shaved smooth. I loved the feel of the baby soft skin of my mons when it was naked. Also, in the shower the water slipped down over it and into the valley and WOW it felt so erotic. Also, during sex I can feel my partner against me much better. Everything is so intensified for me when my mons is naked. Recently I've been asked to keep a little landing strip, which of course I am doing. However, I think I will always be partial to the simple sensuality of being naked down there.
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    I do prefer that the woman be shaved or at least trimmed. But if she is not (al Natural), she should be clean and taisty....
    • This is another one of those cosmic questions to me. I believe their is a reason for pubic hair, maybe several reasons. The sign of a mature woman ready for sex. To aid in spreading her feminine aroma, her cachet, into the air. Another sign of a mature woman and the pheromones stimulated the male. Also there may be something to the friction and the mons being moved during intercourse. I enjoy the bush, like a walk in the woods or playing in the bushes. Like playing hide and seek with the vagina.

      On the other hand, a pretty pussy, and most are very lovely, is a wonderful thing to see. The most feminine of all there naked to observe and touch and kiss. Very stimulating.
      Ultimatly it is entriely up to mlady, as it is completely her and her's.
      I will enjoy her as she is.

      Kisses kisses, Darlin

  • I like a rug. But SHAG carpet is a bit retro. Trimmed, but long enough for some curl is my preference. As long as I don't need a machete to see what I'm doing... though I do like to use my "cleaver" to penetrate bush. =) I am not exactly shut-down if a chick is shaved, but with red-heads or blondes I would feel cheated if they were balded,
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      As a gal and having had those with no preference, at least they didn't speak up I would have to say that I fit in the middle with trimmed!!
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    Well, On Monday of this week, I was trimmed. That is how I prefer it, because I like spontaneous sex. I don't want a 5 o'clock shadow when my husband's libido kicks in.
    By Tuesday night. I had shaved the lower portion and even dyed the upper portion Strawberry Blond. Like a little Beauty Parlor in my panties, if you will.
    The lover gets home on Thursday mornin' and says he wants it all gone. Sooooo. It is gone. I had to tuck my legs behind my head to get it good. I was shavin' left to right, right to left, front to back, back to front, etc. Lemme tell ya, that if he wants to shave it daily, I will stay shaved.
    If he doesn't this Country Girl is goin' back to trimmed.
    • Did you take any pictures of yourself with your legs behind your head and your kitty all smooth that you would like to share with the rest of the group? With boobs as pretty as yours, I can only imagine your pussy is beautiful, too.
  • An ex gf of mine used to regularly have her kitty sugared. It's like waxing, only slightly less painful among some other benefits over waxing. It was amazingly smooth and so much fun to touch and stroke. Funny thing is that she liked to touch it too. She talked me into going in for a sugaring and I thought that I would do it once, just for the experience. Well... 2 years later, I'm still going. When we made love, the sensation of smooth bare skin on smooth bare skin was incredible.

    I"m not a huge fan of competely bare though. I like a little tuft up top.
    • sugaring? i'm not familiar with this process... sounds interesting.
      • i had to look it up -
        i had never heard of it either...
        • It's an all natural gooey substance that interestingly enough is edible. My esthetician even offered me a taste and well... it tastes like gooey sugar. She dips her gloved hand into a tub of warm goo, lays it on my skin and then flicks her wrist to remove the glob and the hair that it attached itself to. Because it pulls the hair in the direction of growth, unlike wax which pulls in the opposite direction, the procedure is less painless and less likely to break the hair at the base. It also will not pull off skin with it, which is a huge bonus.

          I believe that it's an old Middle-Eastern practice.

          This is a completely different procedure than the one in Velvet Elvis' link where you use strips and pull in the opposite direction of the hair. As far as I know, there isn't a do-it-yourself product that works like the one I described.
          • huh, very interesting.

            i refuse to shave... too much maintance... plus the only time i've EVER cut was when i was shaving, so it's a precautionary step to grow my hair :P

            I keep on thinkin that maybe I should look into something else... but I can't seem to find the motivation to care :)

            • Shaving is great for about 2 or 3 days and then once you start getting that stubble, you regret every picking up that razor. I'm sure you know what I mean.

              I know what you mean about the motivation. I really didn't care about being bare, but did it to make my gf happy. Damn if it didn't feel great afterwards and now I'm completely hooked. There's more sensation during sex and there's also the nice side benefit of having my balls and perinuem getting a lot more attention during oral. Plus she doesn't have to pick hair out of her mouth.

              A redhead should never go completely bare. A little tuft of red hair is just so damned cute!
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            "As far as I know, there isn't a do-it-yourself product that works like the one I described. "

            Sally Hansen makes a honey based product. I have yet to try it out though.

  • My wife and I are both smoothies. She was trimmed and shaped when we met and I asked her to shave for me just to see how it was. She found she really liked it and 15 years later she is still smoooooth. Iv'e offered to pay for a wax job but she won't go on the grounds that that is too personal. But she lets me buy her lap dances when she is wearing a skirt and no panties. Go figure.

    She didn't really want me to go bare but I had to get shaved for a hernia operation. She decided she liked me bald after all. She liked it so much that she couldn't keep her hands, or mouth, off it. There I was lying on the sofa two days after surgery with an ice bag on my groin and she wants to see it. Well she started playing with it and I got a stiffy. She kept right on going and gave me a very good (is there any other kind?) blow job. When I came, I saw stars. Not just from the orgasm, but also from the pain of contracting my abdominal muscles when I still had the stitches in. 14 years later, I am still smooth.

    We love the feeling of rubbing our smooth selves against each other. Sometimes we even shave each other. That's fun.
    • Don't count out the stubble. Making love with a woman that has a few days growth can be very stimulating. Razor burn on the tongue, cheeks and cock can be a turn on you will live with. That burning rawness on the tip of the tongue brings back erotic memories for hours somtimes days.
      • PS:
        personally I trim the bush and shave around my cock to keep the undergrowth down and out of the zipper, plus I think Charlie "looks" better with a shave and a hair cut.
        • I keep my self shaved just for the fact that a hair in the teeth has never been fun for me, so why wouldn't i take that into consideration myself. Plus i think the extra skin and sensitivity of the shaven area makes for all sorts of good moments for this man.
  • I like both but the woman is the key factor. A woman’s personality and style can drive the look more then just the “Shaved” or “Unshaved”. Some women don’t look good shaved. They don’t carry it well. Others have a style that screams “Shaved”. Some can be both “Shaved” or “Unshaved” and exploration of the two is rewarding.
    • Do you really think that "Some women don’t look good shaved. They don’t carry it well." or do you think that we as men and society at large need to become more educated as to all of the diffrents shapes and sizes that women come in and accept that not everyone will fit into the stereotypical porn star look?
      • It’s my opinion! And yes some people (men and women) don’t look good shaved. Hello some don’t look good in the nude. From a visual component to intimacy or an erotic pose is can matter. And when love is involved the looks don't matter. But that is my opinion. I don’t give a flying rats @$Z about we men, society at large or if society becomes more educated. This was not about stereotypical porn star looks. It would be my option from an artistic point of view. If all I want was sex they like you I would not care.
  • i myself use a beard trimmer and like the feel. balls are hard to shave for me.

    my lady likes her brazialian. i took some time to adjust to the younger appearance.

    she has a little exclamation point.

    the visual effect is great. the inner and out labia are not hidden at all.

    and smooth licking like the dairy queen. soft soft soft. yum.

    extra nice with coconut oil.
  • I don't like smooth lovers. Feels too much like something underage to me.

    I wax my edges and my ass, but my pussy gets a lovely pubic triangle befitting a goddess.
  • My personal preference is trimmed and neat, but with curls on the mons. I like having curls to play with, shape and feel much more womanly for having them. My honey prefers the full brazilian, not ony because it makes things that more sensitive and slippery, but because he loves oral sex but hates having to stop to pick stray hairs out of his mouth. I can't blame him for that, and since he is an over the moon fantastic artist at oral sex, I'm happy to accomodate his wishes. The compromise that works for both of us is that I have a nicely groomed garden on my mons but am entirely bare from just above the clitoris all the way back. No hair around the clitoris,on the labia or anywhere else further back. I am horrible at shaving myself and tend to cut myself since I'm shaving blind so after some hit and misses, I finally found a waxing salon that works wonders. They are VERY thorough, listen to what I want and are speedy. The whole process takes about ten minutes and is surprisingly painless. Waxing my eyebrows actually hurts more than getting waxed at this place and the staff is fun and friendly as well and make the visit surprisingly enjoyable. It works well for both of us. As for his grooming, he shaves his scrotum and the base of his penis but also leaves hair on the pubic area because I enjoy the silky smooth skin of his scrotum but prefer the look of hair above.
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    I have been all the above, natural, trimmed and shaved.
    But frankly when my mind, mouth, pussy and ass are
    being engaged mons presentation isn't
    whats on my mind. I would say that if a lover had a
    preference that is what I would do. But when it's left
    up to me...I do whatever feels good at the moment.
  • Jim
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    There is nothing better that a pretty little shaved pussy. I love to assist in the process too, and that is one sure way to get me to give a woman head for hours on end.
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      To me, shaving, if it pleased the One in my life
      would be my pleasure. Having him take an
      interest in maintaining it would be a dual
      pleasure I'm sure.
  • I like mine unshaved.... Walk on the wild side....
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      I prefer 1970's bush like in porn I used to look at when I was a little boy sneaking into my dad's closet stash when my parents weren't home.
      • YES! You've hit the nail on the head. This is exactly what it calls to mind for me.
        • I dont mind hair if it's closely cropped. I thoroughly enjoy perfoming oral and there are so many things I do that require saliva as a lubricant, that long strands of hair seem to get in the way. On the flip side of things I shave my balls and the area close to my shaft. The ladies seem to appreciate it and enjoy reciprocating.
          • Nonsense, David. Unless you're licking llamas, you needn't worry about long hairs in the pubic region. The occasional short curly is good for digestion and in some cultures is even believed to cure a variety of maladies when swallowed.
            • All that aside, Uber, I don't like hair in my mouth. Period. It doesn't feel good to me, whether it is still attached to it's owner or not. Just my opinion, and I'm sticking to it.
            • Short curly is fine, I was referring to long strands and more or less clumps drying my mouth and tongue before I could lick, flick, lift and prod with a very long tongue.

              It must be a personal preference.
              • Ya think?
                • Well, for those that prefer longer pubic hair, how do they keep it from absorbing all the saliva while they are perfroming oral?
                  • This is the maximum depth. Additional responses will not be threaded.
                    I don't know about the guys that prefer long pubic hair, not being one of them. But when I am confronted with it, I use my hands to smooth it all to the side, and hold it there, gently of course. And all that gentle pulling and manipulating can be stimulating for the lady, too. Hey, I never said pubic hair was a deal-breaker, did I?
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    "Shaved or Unshaved"

    Doesn't matter. Both are fun. Sometimes some shaving, or a t least trimming, helps the pussy eating experience. I've trimmed women before licking. It's fun to carefully touch and snip, and the attention always makes her pussy nice and wet.
  • I've been both ways. For a long time I completely shaved everything, front to back. Am currently mostly shaved. A small bit of hair right above the clit is what I prefer at the moment. Aesthetically I like it better. I have larger labia so it enhances that more I think. ;)
    • Very nice Jessica, i like to see both unshaved and shaved..depending on the person and the moment/s,if with large labia i don't think it matters as long as both enjoy, would be nice to see your large labia though?????
  • Unshaved , i prefer natural yonis,its the way women should be, more sexual and mysterious and show that the woman has confidence in herself and has a wild side
  • I love a hairy pussy, but not a forest. As for the tush, it should at least be "managed".
    • Do you people realize that this thread has gone an amazingly long time without being hijacked into another topic? Must be something that we all have our opinions on.
      • I grew up reading (looking at the pictures mostly) Playboy magazine. I remember the first issue where they showed a woman's pubic hair. What a great turn on and what a big controversy it was. All those years the fact that she had a vagina or even pubic hair were airbrushed out or kept hidden in some photographic maneuvering. Hallelujah! Women are not mannequins, they are not little girls are not sexless models. Women are incredible creatures, intelligent, articulate and sexually alive. Wear it like you want Darlin. Nothing is sexier than a mature, woman who is aware of her sexuality and uses it as she desires. To me, her pubic hair is an outward sign of maturity. So let your flag wave Darlin, I salute you.

  • i have shaved my pussy from time to time , mostly because my husband and other men in my life wanted me to. the problem is always the pricklies when it grows back, not pleasant! i thought about having all my pussy hair removed by laser, but that would be permanent and i am not sure i would take that step.
  • the wife and I both use clippers on a setting just longer than stubble... just long enough that it's not prickley.... I'm kinda mixed thpughts tho... hanging labia pussies I love shaved, and hidden labia pussies like my wife's I like just a little hair.... but I love seeing red heads , either style lip full bush!!!! :-)~~

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