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> Truth has travelled through many ideological
> self interest groups, many millenniums, and many
> distortions to reach us. With each transmission
> of truth some of its originality had either been
> lost or wrapped around one religion or another.
> Beneath the original zero meridians in Paris
> near the Carrousel du Louvre was supposed to lay
> a secret code to a mystery which holds the key
> to the survival of the white race as the earth
> grows hotter.
> The code is not the mystery, but the mystery is
> in the coded history which connects the Louvre
> Pyramid with the Pyramid inverse in Paris.
> The mystery is encoded in the ?Hieros Gamos?
> celebrations : a celebration of the magic of the
> fertility in which the protective genes of the
> Black skin are shared with the whites in a
> spiritually charged atmosphere of sacrosanct
> erotic holiness.
> In the days of its originality in Africa, the
> Europeans worshipped black Africans in the same
> way that the blacks worship the whites today,
> except that the former was more real and
> spiritual than the later which is mere cultural
> worship.
> Because of their short supply of available black
> men, which like Zeus, were then worshipped by
> Europeans as gods, the Greek white men began
> imitating this ritual performance by wearing
> black masks, black tunics, and black shoes to
> prepare for the day it will be celebrated as
> multi-racial festival against global warming.
> But the modern people did not understand that is
> why they are stuck with black and white uniform
> with little spirituality.
> The spirituality is not in clothing, it is in
> black and white humans all over the world.

That is the secret of the golden globes.

The white women must also wear their extra transparent and
> very thin and light fabric gowns as the
> priestesses do in Greece and elsewhere in
> ancient Africa where the Egyptian priests had
> been celebrating it regularly for millenniums,
> in honour of the woman and the reproductive
> potentials of the woman.
> In those days, they view orgasm as an offered up
> prayer to create a new life in which the
> copulating couple is empowered to catch a
> momentary and peace filled glimpse of God in an
> extremely holy, consecrated, and deep sacrosanct
> spirituality.
> In the ancient world SEX was not all about
> climax and erotica; it was a spirit filled
> opportunity to experience a special union with
> God through the help of the woman.
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Excerpted from the book, Is Apostle Paul a liar,
> a spiritual fake a Greco-Roman spy or a
> Christian saint? © Chris C. Ngene 2007. also
> featured in the book, SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE IN GOD?
> S OWN CREATION PLAN by Chris. Ngene ©2006, South
> Africa. Dedicated to the courage of all true
> ladies and real WOMEN
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